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Human Renewal

The Nehemiah Group is a 5013 non-profit community development and social service corporation committed to serving the underserved and empowering the underprivileged.

Director of Operations

Micah Khan

Corporate Office

1300 Dr. Mustapha Khan Way
(formerly Princess Ave.)
Camden, NJ 08103
844-384-8378 Office

Letter from the President

Amir Khan

President & Founder

The Nehemiah Group has pursed its mission of revitalization and stabilization of the economically distressed areas of Camden County in effort to help in the economic power; The Nehemiah Group has undertaken this mission with a sense of urgency and pro-active concern for the well being of the people of Camden, recognizing that community-based training programs, economic development services and affordable housing projects instituted by The Nehemiah Group are models for replication in other parts of the state, our nation and our world. While our immediate focus is local, our vision is global.

In this respect, The Nehemiah Group seeks to impact the world in which we live, family by family in city after city through innovative collaborative and partnerships.

The importance of The Nehemiah Group mission is more urgent in today's society, where the average person has become desensitized to the ravages of homelessness, poverty, crime and blighted neighborhoods; a society in which welfare system is being dismantled. Thousands of people in cities all across the United States are being released into the job market with little or no training and a value system void of a work ethic. Government is giving the responsibility for the care of its people back to the cities. The cities in turn are looking to the community development organizations to do the job that government has failed to do.

In order to substitute self-sufficiency for the government Subsidy, there must be an infrastructure and system in place through which the people can make the transition. The Nehemiah Group will serve as the foundation for community development corporations which are designed to carry out the economic, business, training and housing development initiatives our communities so desperately need. We are not talking about being a welfare provider, but as a motivation, mentorship and training center, moving people from one level to the next on the road to self-sufficiency.

The Nehemiah Group intends to renew and strengthens its commitment to empowering people and communities in order to move into the 21st century in a posture of spiritual, economic and social health and prosperity. The Nehemiah Group collaborates with others to provide these programs and services, which are driven by community needs. Partnership is an essential part of the agency's strategy in accomplishing its mission, evidenced by strong alliances with other community, religious and public/private sector organizations. Developing a broad base of funding support and program revenue is foundational to the CDC's structure, as it seeks to provide a continuum of care that focuses on guiding individuals toward greater self-sufficiency. Only when we work together for the common good of the people in our community can our goals be realized. We ask you to join with us in the realization of this critical mission.

Amir Khan

President & Founder